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                                                                 Saint Nicholas Orthodox Education Centre

was founded in February 1997 by archpriest Dmitrii Koniukhov, its principal and confessor.
     Address: 117403 Moscow, Bulatnikovskii fare, 16, building 3. Tel.: +74953838956
Centre presents following levels of education:
children garden,
- primary,
- secondary,

Additional education includes various directions:
- artistic and aesthetic,
- local History,  
- cultural,
- pedagogical,
- tourism and sports.
   The school component includes the following items:
- Fundamentals of Orthodox Christian Faith (1-4)
- Church-Slavic language (2-6)
- Old Testament (5)
- New Testament (6-9)
- Liturgy (7)
Chinese (8-11)
- Church History (10-11)
    The extensive extra-curricular activities with children are conducted: seminars, lectures, visits to exhibitions, concerts and theaters. Every year children make pilgrimages and rest in the Holy Land, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Bulgaria and other countries.
    A number of students are winners of contests and competitions on subjects including "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture." Students are working with veterans, visit an orphanage, arrange Easter and Christmas presentation.
   Total number of students is 120, and the number of employees - 35. Among the teachers there are teachers of the highest category.
    Graduates regularly show high scores on the exam and enter the universities. Among the graduates have several priests passing obedience in Moscow and Moscow region.
     The building is arranged home church where weekly committed reading of the Akathist to St. Nicholas, Hours and Divine Liturgy. Students help at the altar, read, sing in the church

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